For Suppliers 

We partner with outside businesses for specific skills and expertise; we choose to work with suppliers that share our commitment to collaborate in areas such as design, distribution, logistics, marketing models, consumer research and technology.

We are definitely interested in talking to any company that can offer radical innovations that increases the value we deliver to our customers, retailers and wholesale distributors. This will help us serve more of the world’s consumers and acheive our goals.  

What we look for:

1. Competitive price and cost saving solutions  

2. Excellent on-time delivery service

3. Proven financial capability

To be considered, simply email us at and you will be entered into our supplier database. If an opportunity related to your submission exists, we will contact you.


For Retailers and Wholesale Distributors 

We have many opportunities for retailers and wholesale distributors across Africa, Middle East, USA, Canada and South America. Please contact us at