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 Sponsor a Sister Program

 Access to Education: Throughout Somalia, girls are less likely than boys to be enrolled in school. Only 1 out of 4 primary and secondary school age children have access to a school; among these, 35% are girls.

 Impact of Menstruation on School Attendance:  A large number of school aged girls miss school simply because they cannot afford to buy feminine pads. Many choose to use unhygienic cloths that do not provide reliable protection and which puts them at risk for infections.

Help a Girl Stay in School: At Dauus, we are committed to increasing female education in Somalia by ensuring every girl has access to safe and affordable sanitary pads. Through our Sponsor a Sister Program, you can help provide a one year supply of Dauus feminine pads (Bilan) to a school girl of your choosing and enable her to stay in school.

Program Highlights

Sponsor a Sister and help her stay in school by Donating $35 and Dauus will provide her with a one year supply of feminine pads.

For every girl sponsored through this program, Dauus will match dollar for dollar and make an annual donation to selected non-profit organizations working to increase female education in Somalia.                                           To Sponsor a sister email us: